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Ashish Verma

Er. Ashish Verma

CEO and Founder

Ashish is a qualified computer professional, having 9 year programing experience, graduated (B.Tech) in Information Technology from Uttar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow. He has expertise in Database Management Systems (DBMS), Cloud integration, Data Structures Using ’C’,Object Oriented Programming Using C++, Internet Fundamentals, Microprocessors & Interfacing, Computer Graphics, Open cart Visual Basics, HTML, PHP laravel and Wordpress.
Ashish supports information technology and computer systems, electronic data operations, design and develop, systems, policies and procedures and ensure security of data, network access and backup systems. He also supporting in software/ applications as per need and testing and evaluating new technology.

Preeti Rai

Er. Lukas

Co- Founder

Entrepreneurship is nothing if not a compelling journey of self-development. When you run a business, you often have to juggle multiple and conflicting demands and are tested to your limits. In the process, you will come face-to-face with every single weakness and character flaw you have. Self-awareness and a willingness to learn are essential. A cofounder who assumes they know everything will be unlikely to learn from their mistakes and less open to taking feedback on board; this could prove to be extremely problematic further down the line.

Preeti Rai

Er. Neha Verma

Director-Business Development

As Director – Business Development, Neha oversees Urbantrix’s business development & Public relation initiatives. Her prompt suggestions productive inputs helped us in shaping our global reputation and in developing new and existing client engagement from all across the world.
Extremely talented and very well networked, Preeti can speak continuously on any issues be it politics, cultural, mythological or technology.


Er. Anuj Verma

Director- Business Development

Anuj takes his role as Global Head of Business Development Team very seriously. His incredible skills to understand and help clients in turning their raw business idea into a virtual reality is simply remarkable. Inspiration to many Urbantrixitians, Anujalong with our in-office BD team works closely with entrepreneurs and startups to provide technology solutions suitable for different business needs.

A die-hard sports fanatic, Anuj is a very brilliant chess player. When he is not following sports channels on television, you will find him with his Xbox and a stack of newly released games.

  Baljeet Kaur

Er. Baljeet Kaur

Human Resource Manager/Graphic Designer

With her simplistic, cute and impressive persona, Baljeet has successfully bridged the gap between employer and employees. She is empathetic, compassionate and professional at the same time. Her optimistic, rational, confidential and emotional character makes her a key driving force behind our organizational growth.

Baljeet loves shopping and watching movies. On every weekend, you will find her either at a shopping mall or at the multiplex with a mouthful of popcorn. Forgot to mention.She is the best cook in our office.

 Renu Rana

Er. Renu Rana

UI/UX Specialist

Renu is our UI/UX specialist with an evergreen, ever happy and energetic attitude. She likes to design & create her own ideas. Everything that is genuine and original keeps her going. Her expertise to achieve unique UI/UX for every new project is unconditional. Her opulent creativity and zeal to offer exactly what client requires make her one of the greatest assets of our company.

Full of energy and brainstorming ideas, Renu is an online shopping freak. Do not judge her by his sarcastic tone, because it is meant to motivate people in a positive manner and not to hurt them.

Ajeet Verma

Er. Ajeet Verma

Project Manager

Every organization has at least one hardworking person –we have Ajeet. It is due to his immense talent, exponential enthusiasm and passion to excel in every technology that comes across his way,sets him apart from other professionals. A versatile skill set, eagerness to learn newtechnologies and helping nature makes him an inspiration for many Urbantrixitians.

Ajeet loves listening to music. His taste in Bollywood movies and capacity to hear one song repeatedly teaches us how patient a person can be. When he is not listening to songs, he is busy finding flaws in his projects.


Er.Varsha Yadav

Project Manager( Sales,Seo & Support )

It feels Varsha has just passed out from the college and joined Urbantrix to amaze everyone with her versatile technology skills. When itcomes to deliverables, Varsha is spot-on;you will feel magic spreading-overcodes. Having earned praisesfor her amazing talent in managing human brains, we call her the ‘Picasso Coder’, who likes to keep her team on toes.

In her free time, Varsha likes to write, watch movies, and bike along the countryside. In free time, you will find him either lifting weights in the gym or turningpages in the library.



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